Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Final Thought for 2007

The year 2007 will pass into history in two more days. It has been a year that escaped most of the great disasters, that have marred the opening decade of the Twenty-first century. No 9-11's no London and Madrid type attacks, even the violence in Iraq has declined dramatically. Natural disasters were less this year than years with a Katrina, or South Asian tidal wave to shock our senses and still the passion that we command all that we touch. Revelations about Iran and it's suspension of bomb building and the possible dismantling of North Korea's program, gives us hope for breathing room before the next conflict.

In that vein we should pause to give thanks for the small fortunes that blessed humanity this past year. One way to extend that thanks is offered by a web site that has launched a campaign to show our gratitude to those who serve.

This is not about politics, and I would offer that it is something that should be extended to all who serve us in our daily lives. After 9/11, everyone was quick to offer praise to our first responders, fire, police and EMT's. The gratitude "Sign" should be extended to all who serve their fellow citizens. Try it, the next time you encounter those who serve, you will be glad you did!

A special hat tip to the editors of Small Wars Journal for spreading the word about this great idea.

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Brad B. said...

Excellent campaign. Thanks for writing about this.