Saturday, January 5, 2008

Don't miss reading this post!

Two days ago Steve DeAngelis of Enterprise Resilience Management posted an important essay that he crafted from an article in the New York Times entitled, Innovative Minds Don't Think Alike. Steve's post The Curse of Knowledge is an excellent preface to an even more insightful essay by Mark Safranski, the master of Zenpundit.

Mark expands on the topic to offer two possible reasons for the decline in major creativity. In a nutshell, the first being, "the emphasis on vertical thinking by acknowledged experts." The second," that disciplinary fields... generate their own cultures.....where it is harder to rock the boat."

The answer to the decline in creativity is masterfully outlined by Mark. He relies on two of my favorite buzz words, horizontal thinking and metacognitively, using them to anchor his argument that; "Analytical-reductionism and Synthesis-consilience have to be regarded by serious thinkers as tools of equal value."

In all earnest I urge everyone to read these two fine posts by Steve and Mark. Take the time to read the links Mark provides to support his essay, they are invaluable in understanding this important topic.

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