Monday, January 21, 2008

Sightings around the web

This week, some of my fellow bloggers have generated a rich landscape of interesting stories. Take the time to follow the links and enrich your mind with the thoughtful ideas and images.

Enterprise Resilience Management leads off with a post about connectivity. As a historian, I look back across the ages and see our ancestors spent the past 60,000 years or so expanding to all points across the globe. The tenth century saw Lief Erickson take the first steps to modern connectivity when he sailed across the Atlantic and made contact with people who had crossed the ice-shelf to inhabit what we now call the Western Hemisphere. Humans, for better or worse have continued to connect with each other ever since. Steve DeAngelis's post examines Networked Community Solutions, where relationships trump rank, and connectivity leads to solutions.

Mark over at, has several enlightening posts this past week. Two caught my eye, the first links to posts by Tom Barnett and John Robb commenting on an article by James Fallows in Atlantic Monthly that addresses China's cash surplus. Take the time to read both the post and the article by Fallows. A timely read considering the current financial crisis looming over the next horizon.

Next is a visual journey into physics, that puts our existence into it's proper prospective.
Sit back and give your nine minutes of fantastic brain candy.

Finally, Tom Barnett continues to read books at warp-speed in preparation for his next writing effort. He just posted the latest readings with short synopsis on each.

I know this is an extensive list, and Tom is proving to be the all-time reading king. By reading the short descriptions, one can pick out books that may spark an interest. Enjoy!

Wow! can't even keep up with Tom. Before this post was two days old, he read seven more books, linked below.

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