Thursday, February 7, 2008

Japan in the OODA loop

Yesterday, I posted a review of Col/Dr. Frans Osinga's book:Science, Strategy, and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd" as part of an on going roundtable discussion. Today, Tom Barnett posted a link and comments about Japan's changing business strategy, Japan gets more American, around the edges .

The Economist article Tom links,Going Hybrid: describes how Japan, faced with a 15 year drop in GDP, has begun to recover by being innovative, and creating a hybrid economic system based on both the Japanese and American systems.

The thing that struck me as I read Tom's post and the article is what Japan did was in line with John Boyd's OODA Loop theory . On a grand scale countries, can not react like fighter pilots and turn on a dime. But just for a momment, consider what Japan did.

Faced with a dropping GDP, they first "O" observed their situation, then they "O" oriented themselves to the options available, and made a, "D" decision to "A" act, and create a hybrid economic model to begin to turn things around and survive.

Anyway, just a brief example to feed into the discussion taking place over at Chicago Boyz about the above referenced book by Dr. Frans Osinga.

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