Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Equal Time to The Land Forces

The last two posts have focused on the United States Navy and the great new blog, Destroyermen. Today, I am going to focus on the land forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the most important unvarnished reports covering the operations in Iraq is an on-line magazine written by Michael Yon. His latest posts and photos give insight to what is happening beyond the Green Zone, and should not be missed.

A new blog reporting about Afghanistan, Ghosts of Alexander focuses on a theatre that gets all too little attention. Written by someone who describes himself as; "I am not in the military, nor have I ever served. I am in the research phase of my PhD. I will write about conflict related issues in Afghanistan: politics, culture, reconstruction, civil-military relations and insurgency."
It provides insight to the current situation and past history as to how the war developed.

Iraq has several military blogs, two of the best are, Mudville gazette and Kaboom War Journal. They report to the reader like only a soldier can. Reading their posts is like reading mail from a friend or family member away at war, it makes us contected to their experience.
On the home front, Small Wars Journal provides a forum for discussion about military tactics and strategy, in the small wars past and present. As a bonus they offer a daily roundup of editorials from major newspapers. This journal has grown into an often quoted source for military affairs. The contributions flow from active duty soldiers, veterans, academia and concerned citizens worldwide.
abu mugqawama states that it; is a blog dedicated to following issues related to contemporary insurgencies as well as counterinsurgency tactics and strategy. Abu Muqawama aims to be a resource for students, counter insurgents, academics, and the general public.
Written by two intrepid souls who are not afraid to speak their minds in all matters noted in their headline. This blog always informs, while making one think. Interspersed with their biting commentary are tidbits of irony that drive home the points they are trying to make.
Each site mentioned, offers many links that will give you more facets and sources with which to use your critical thinking skills. If you want to stay informed on the truth about what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and the state of international conflict, take the time to read the above recommended sites.

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