Thursday, May 8, 2008

Introducing Howard Bloom

I want to give credit again to my fellow blogger Mark at for making this post, Hey…Howard Bloom has a Blog!

For those who don't know who Howard Bloom is, the following link, and a few snippets of what he has been writing about will introduce you to one of the most interesting minds in today's world. I've linked it in my history and culture favorites under Howard Bloom's Blog. Bloom along with an esteemed group of scientists write about physical and earth science, biology, medicine, neuroscience and culture in a flowing style that holds the reader spellbound. The following is an example, Mother Nature And The Evolutionary Mandate.

We've seen the beginning of mass behavior among quarks, the proto-memory of atoms, and a strange preview of culture long before life arose. We've run a background check on Evolution (aka Mother Nature) and have discovered her track record of violence and destruction. Destruction from which she's pulled enormous leaps of creativity.

And takes on the pop buzz word sustainability in a post entitled Screw 'Sustainability' - And I Am Here To Tell You Why.

Why screw sustainability?

Because the word implies merely hanging in there, merely surviving, merely sustaining. It implies a penny-pinching earth, a miserly existence, a nature that punishes change, and a nature that prefers small tribes to large groups of human beings.

This sort of attitude has traditionally led to ignorance and to self-inflicted poverty. It pitched Europe into misery from the fall of Rome in 476 ad to the revival of optimism, technology, and entrepreneurialism in 1100 ad. That 600-year-long slump was the famous dark ages of the West. An attitude of self-denial and an urge to return to the past also led to an age of darkness in the Islamic Empire starting in 1566. For the first time, Islam saw its limitations more clearly than it saw its possibilities. How did it respond? It banned every new technology, shunned every new idea, and withdrew into fantasies of a past mistakenly viewed as a paradise.

Then moving on to talk about bees and bacteria. In Praise Of Consumerism - Bees, Bacteria And The Value Of Wasted Time.

What is consumerism? It’s the flaunting of surplus. It’s the conspicuous display of surplus time, of surplus energy, and of surplus luxuries.

More important are these two facts. First, consumerism is the way that nature expresses herself in men and women. Yes, you heard me right. Consumerism is natural. More important, consumerism evolved long, long before there were industrial machines. Consumerism evolved billions of years before there were human beings. Consumerism isn’t the creation of mankind. It’s a strategy deployed by mother nature.

Bloom and his fellow columnists representing the above fields and several more, have something for everyone with an open and inquisitive mind. Howard Bloom takes information from science and culture and brings it together in one of those famous intersection of ideas, and feeds us brain food that will nourish our understanding and stimulate us to learn more.

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