Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recommended Reads of the Week

The blog posts below caught my eye and deserve special attention for their detailed analysis of the subjects they address.

The read of the week, goes to Mark Safranskiof Zenpundit who penned his first op-ed piece for Pajamas Media . Special congratulations to Mark for this new venue.

Congress Debates Muzzling Congressmen Online

And with a detailed and well crafted post Fabius Maximus, takes a look at oil supply, from another perspective.

Good news about oil, but for our grandkids - not us

The Steve DeAngelis, Enterra Solutions, serves up an optimistic post about making a difference.

Little Sacrifices that Big Differences

Next there has been significant developments in the United States Navy and their ship building program. These changes may bode well for the U.S. in the long run as we begin to build a navy to match the challenges we actually face in the coming decades. This is important because we are finally looking to build a fleet that can combat piracy and drug smuggling the recently has graduated to using submarines to transport drugs into the U.S. One might not think this is a big deal, but after drugs, can come a lot of other dirty stuff. We beat the German U-boats with a flotilla of small carriers and destroyer escorts, not capital ships.

DDG-1000 Hits an Iceberg, Taking on Water

Trends in Navy Shipbuilding

And finally to put a scary bedtime story at the end of this night of reads is This week's column By Thomas Barnett

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