Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reading for a Sunday Afternoon

1st Cav Div Patch
"Too Tall" in Vietnam

Major Ed Freeman receiving the Medal of Honor

Just a few reads for today.

Small Wars Journal takes the lead in recommended reads for this week.

First a pause to honor a hero of a war that became a seminal moment in my life.

Then turning to a problem that is much more critical to this country than Russia, Georgia, Iraq or Afghanistan. Readers may be shocked to read the next story and may believe that it won't effect our security. Tell me that after reading the next two stories. The answer lies somewhere in diffusing the money trail. Interdiction alone cannot overcome demand by the citizens of the U.S. The answer lies somewhere down the road, after the pain of allowing the cartels to become so powerful that the only way to stop them is to legalize and TAX the crap out of the product. Then anyone with untaxed product...Life without parole.. Sound extreme, and millions will disagree. But what has come of billions and billions of trying to stop self indulgent narcissistic people who want to score. My sense is the next generation will see this problem in a different light than those are soon to pass from the stage.

The Border Counterinsurgency by David Danelo of the San Diego Union-Tribune

And speaking of passing from the stage. Tom Barnett's column today addresses those who long for a return to the Cold War, even if it means screwing up the latest surge in globalization.

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