Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zenpundit Channels Orson Wells in War of the Narco-Cartels

Results of ambush by cartel gunman
area of Mexico under cartel control

General Obregon, Pancho Villa, General Pershing, and Lt George Patton. 1916

When I first began to read this post over at Zenpundit, for sentence or two thought I had missed a news flash. Reading further revealed it to be an chilling view of a future that might be just months away. Mark deserves major kudos for breaking the glass in the fire alarm and calling attention to what has been going on in Mexico as President Calderon battles the narco-cartels for what amounts to control of the future of Mexico.

Mark's post begins:

WASHINGTON, DC - Flanked by the embattled President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon and the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a weary looking President Barack Obama used a press conference to angrily denounce as “Alarmist and inflammatory” a recent report issued by the conservative Heritage Foundation that declared the massive chain of UN administered Mexican Refugee camps in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas as ”a bottomless well for narco-insurgency” and “a threat to the territorial integrity of the United States”. The camps, home to at least 2.5 million Mexican nationals, are dominated by the “Zetas Confederales”, a loose and ultraviolent umbrella militia aligned with the feuding Mexican drug cartels that now control upwards of 80 % of Mexico.

The shocking second paragraph of this bulletin is destined to cause serious thought and reaction across the blogs and hopefully amid the halls of congress. Mark is not one to be flippant in his posts and this one is as serious as any he has ever posted.

I have written posts about the deteriorating conditions just across our southern border and will continue to promote and link information to stimulate action. We are currently engaged in a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan almost 8000 miles around the globe. The war Mexico is waging within itself is our making. The cartels are responding to the United States being the global demand source for drugs.

Mexico needs our help. Kinetic solutions launched from our side of the border will not solve the problem. The United States had a semi militarized border with Mexico from 1846 to 1943. This period ranged from open war (1846) to incursions (1916) and patrols from a line of forts on the border from Brownsville to San Diego. The storied 1st Cavalry Division was organized to preform this task and conducted patrols from 1921 until 1943. A return to those days is something that neither of our nations wants. But, something must be done.

Addressing the demand coming from the United States is a first step to draining the swamp. How we approach that may take the weight of the imaginary events portrayed in Mark's post to finally get traction.

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