Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Time for a "What the F$%@!" Moment!

Lance Cpl Matthew Snyder

Before anyone thinks I have thrown decorum away. What was revealed courtesy of Commander Salamander  in a post on the U.S. Naval Institute Blog will have any decent American, regardless of what their position is on the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, uttering the oath "What the F*&@!" outloud or under their breath. I am going to post it in full along with a link to do something about this outragous injustice.

A Nation Shows its Gratitude
There are things that give you pause and make you wonder where our compass went to.
There is one way for a nation to show its gratitude.
The father of a Marine killed in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters was ordered to pay the protesters’ appeal costs, his lawyers said Monday.
On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Snyder to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps. Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, which conducted protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s funeral in 2006.
And there is another.
Are we a Navy-Marine Corps family? What can we do? Well, there are the simple things – like voicing support for Lance Cpl. Snyder’s family. We can also do what we can to offset the costs – and I will update this post as that information comes forward. The American Legion is filing an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court on this, and TheBurnPit is tracking as well . For now, these things we can do.
It is OK to feel outrage – but take that ourtage and focus it in a positive manner. Help the family – and do not let this stand in the culture. Support and defend; in a large measure, that is what families do.

Update: Payments via credit cards can be processed at this link
In the words of the immortal Marine Corps Sgt Major Dan Daley. "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" let's all be Marines and pitch in to help this family.

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