Friday, June 4, 2010

Taking Note of Two Knights of the Keyboad

This week has produced a bonanza of quality reads among the blogs that I read as regularly as a 19th century mountain man  runs his traps. Part of this rich bonanza of brain food can be traced to two individuals who over the past few weeks have posted an abundence of rich treatises on a broad range of subects from security, to business, social and politics.

As I noted last month, Thomas Barnett has moved into high gear producing up to a half score posts each weekday that distills the main thesis of the articles he gleens from a variety of media sources. The only way to pay his due is to take a moment and look back at yesterday, June 3, when he produced his normal ten posts ranging from nuclear armed subs to Dams to Sweet Potatoes and long term unemployment in America among six other outstanding reads that will provide a mornings worth of pondering more deftly and concisely than any of the MSM outlets. Click on his name above to read his latest posts.

And the other intrepid blogger who contributed to this week being a banner week for reads was Galrahn who returned to announce that he "has the bridge" at his must read, naval centric blog Information Dissemination . Without fanfare his byline appeared this past week to offer his astute observations about all things naval. Here is a couple of his posts that blow away some of the coastal fog surrounding stories about the sea. Here's two Hezbollah Threatens Unrestricted Naval Warfare Against Israel and Bloggers and Battleships that illustrate his depth of understanding of naval strategy. Galrahn's crew of felllow bloggers, Feng, Brian McGrathChris Rawley and GvG make up a strong crew able to steer you to the important issue of naval interest.

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