Saturday, April 9, 2011

USS Iowa BB-61: Update

USS Iowa leading the fleet
USS Iowa training out her guns
USS Iowa in rough seas
Iowa coming home
Anyone who has visited or given this blog more than a casual glance will recognize I take a great interest in the United States Navy and especially their role in the Pacific during World War II. A few day ago I wrote about the possibility that Southern California will soon be the home port for the newest addition to a long list of navy museums that preserve and honor our naval heritage.
Scale model of USS Iowa at Pier 87
Model overview of pier 87
Today, I attended a special event at pier 87 in San Pedro , once home to the Battle Fleet before 1940 and major shipyards during World War II and after. The event was to gather support for a California Assembly Resolution to support awarding the battleship USS Iowa BB-61 to San Pedro, with a new mission of offering education programs in history, leadership, team-building, character development, and community service, as well as serving as a disaster control center. First and foremost, ship will assume a unique "Living Museum" role that will provide visitors with an "at sea" experience that will trace the Iowa's 50 year history.

Fire boat Warner L Lawrence
USS Iowa being moved
If all goes according to plan, the dog days of summer will see Los Angeles Fireboat Warner L Lawrence  leading a parade that welcomes the Iowa to her new home at Berth 87 . The support for this project has been astounding and includes former President George H. W. Bush , community, state, business and veterans organizations. As things move along and the final details are worked out this blog will keep you posted and give plenty of notice to invite all to come welcome this great lady to her new home.

In the coming years, as the memory of World War II and the Cold War fade with the passing of the greying veterans amongst us, this ship will live on; to offer a hallowed space for future generations to contemplate what it was like when men steeled their hearts, to sail such ships into teeth of fascism and totalitarianism.


Vince Wade said...

Well Brother, we'll have to go check her out after she opens the hatches for tours.

william frantz said...

Uss Hornet Museum Maintenance engineer , I need to inspect the deep spaces