Sunday, May 8, 2011

America is Back!

Seal Team 6

Example of Osama's command post??
watching videos of the outside world.

This past week saw the demise of America's and modern world's number one nemesis Osama Bin Ladin at the hands of a score of special ops forces transported via 21st century technology to where he resided in 7th century squalor  as he plotted against America while drinking coca cola and managing his harem of young wives and a brood of offspring. His influence was already dead at the hands of the Jasmine Revolution.

The immediate effect is that "American is back!" as noted by my goddaughter in a FB post from Paris, where she wrote. Love the signs in paris that says " America is Back!"  This was further supported by comments and this observation from Le Figaro/Worldcrunch.
PARIS -The West is in decline. It doesn’t make it true the more you keep repeating it. And this week, three major news events in rapid succession -- the British royal wedding in London, the beatification of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, and the elimination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan – combine to show a culture invigorated by popular zeal.
The crowds that turned out for each event are connected. In the United States, people spontaneously filled the streets to praise the free world as the victor against terrorism; in Rome, a million faithful stood firm behind the Church, thought to be moribund in Europe; and in London, two million subjects (and two billion television viewers) applauded timeless rituals. At each event, an affection toward the civilization, memory, and the passing on of tradition was unanimously celebrated.
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And more from La Figaro about the French view of America after Bin Ladin.

PARIS - The death of Osama bin Laden allows the United States to redefine crucial relationships: with itself, and with the rest of the world. But it might also represent a turning point for the Arab-Islamic world....
This wasn’t a case of America showing off its superior technology; it was neither drones nor missiles that ended the hunt for bin Laden. It was the audacity, courage and determination of its soldiers that made the difference in “avenging” the innocent victims of 9/11...
America might have entered a relative phase of decline, and its staggering debt places the nation in an undoubtedly uncomfortable situation of dependence on China. But it nonetheless still remains the only great “multi-dimensional” power. Neither China, nor India, nor Russia, and even less so the European Union, have the capacity or the will to undertake an operation like the one that led to the death of Osama bin Laden. “Democracy Strikes Back!” is how Hollywood might describe what took place in Pakistan....

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Geronimo on right in 1886

Finally here at home, several Native America organizations took umbrage at using Geronimo as the code name for Osama. Thomas Barnett took some heat for mentioning the similarity . The Washington Post has joined the fray with this editorial.
Their complaints are understandable, but misguided. The code name doesn’t denigrate the Apache war captain, a hero to some students of Native American history, through comparison to the Saudi terrorist leader. The similarities are not in the men themselves but in the military campaigns that targeted them.
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