Monday, July 4, 2011

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the reason that we Americans have paused on a hot summer day in early July for the past 235 years to re-affirm what it is to be an American. Although, during the first few years, July 4th, was only celebrated locally and by the armed forces. It did not even become a national holiday until 1870 amd a paid holiday until 1938. The date however is not as important, as the document, and that leads to the subject of this post. Two of my fellow bloggers have posted eloquent tributes about the meaning of the declaration, and they deserve to be acknowledged. Mark of Zenpundit get the lead off position with this excellent description on what an American is.
This is the core of what it America is, a civic creed, adherence to which defines the holder as possessor of the exalted title of ”American”, without regard to their origins, however humble, their condition, however mean, they can hold their heads above those of kings as a free people, jealous of their liberties and none greater than another under the law.
That was the revolutionary ideal that set the world on fire, long though in the coming to arrive as a reality. It is our greatest legacy to the history of mankind and if we ever lose our vigilance and submit to tyrants, forgetting ourselves in seeking security, Jefferson’s words may yet inspire others to take up the cause on our behalf as we have done so for others:
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“We hold these Truths to be Self-Evident….”

Citizen soldiers
Being an American also brings with it a responsibility to ensure that our way of life is protected. This next post from CDR Salamander, provides an answer.

And so our Revolution - really a civil war - began. Those who served, fought, wounded, or died in that war understood why they left family and future to put their lives on the line.
In 2011 after a decade of undeclared war, with a leadership that cannot even call bombing another nation conflict and the reasons for these wars not even defended by those who lead us - why do we fight?
Besides following orders and doing what you can to protect and serve your band of brothers - why are we scattered around the world killing others, and for what purpose?
If our leaders cannot define or describe what we are doing with our armed forces - can we?

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Why do we serve?

Major Robert Soltes 2004, Iraq

Lt. Mark Daily, Iraq 2007

Cpt. Eric F. Wood, Memorial, Belgium

Sadly for our nation, this is a question that is being asked by only a few, when less than 1% of the population answers the call to serve. For some, it is a way to find new direction, for others, the call to duty hearkened back to earlier wars when men answered the call, and preformed deeds of valor, often unrecorded, and un-seen, except, by God. We should all, understand that preserving our liberties means a willingness to serve both in the traditional sense of arms, as well as citizens who take an active part in their civic responsibilities and to follow their conscience, putting the interests of the nation first, so as to preserve the civic creed so aptly stated by Mark in the second paragraph of this post.

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