Monday, September 15, 2008

Death in Corn-Dispatch Afghanistan

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This was just posted by Michael Yon America's brave independent correspondent who for the past five years has covered the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. He reports from FOB Gibraltar, and advises that he will soon become a free ranging correspondent moving freely around the country to report the truth about the progress or lack of it. His report is riveting and places you among those brave lads from 2 Para of the British Army.

It begins:

15 September 2008Helmand Province, Afghanistan

The soldiers are living like animals at a little rat’s nest called FOB Gibraltar. They call it “Gib.” Named after the lynchpin of British naval dominance in the Mediterranean, this cluster of mud huts in the middle of hostile territory is more like Fort Apache, Afghanistan. The British soldiers from C-Company 2 Para live in ugly conditions, fight just about every day, and morale is the best I have seen probably anywhere.
The link to read:
Death in Corn Part I of III

As a companion piece this report by Yon, addresses the scourge of opium production.

The Perfect Evil, Part I of III

NEW UPDATE: Please read Death in the Corn: Part II of III

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