Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratulations President-Elect Obama


The election is over. The American people have voted and Barak Obama will become the 44th President of the United States next January 20. I extend my congratulations to President-Elect Obama. He will be our president and like all other's who have held that office during my lifetime, will command my respect and loyalty as he upholds the responsibility of that high office.

This is a remarkable event, because it moves America into a post-racial future. I urge all Americans to pause and pray for his wisdom and guidance. As our country moves forward the challenges are great, but no insurmountable. The millions of new voters should take time to reflect on not only the power of the ballot box, but on the responsibility of being a good citizen. Understand that the freedom exercised today were possible because of millions who came before you paid with it with their lives and service. More that soldiers, it was everyone who voted and worked and educated themselves and fought for the rights of others down through our history who made today possible.

We Americans are the product of those people. To those who recently came to our shores. Take the right you exercised today and use it as a lesson to work harder to better yourself and educate yourself. Our country is a fertile ground where innovation breeds like weeds. I challenge those who voted with the hope of change to get up off your collective cushions and get involved in bettering your own lives.

And remember, don't think that America should become like Europe or Central America, or Asia. The millions who have come here and continue to come here, do so because we are America, The New World, where everyone has new beginning and now, might even see their child become the President.
And Remember this above all else, the next election is in 2010. If you don't like the direction of this course correction, then VOTE to change it.

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YT said...

Congrats to President Elect Obama. A real tough job ahead of him, he'll need the guidance of SANE advisers. May the Heavens watch over the Peoples of the US of A.