Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday Morning Reads

The following are a few worthy reads that I came across this week.

Steve DeAngelis of Enterra Solutions - Trading Up or Trading Down? and What's ahead for the Middle Class?
Looks at free trade and the future of the Middle Class.

The Bellum - The Water Problem
Will water be the next resource war?

Zenpundit - The Somalia Next Door
Has Mexico fallen into the abyss?

Fabius Maximus -The future, always in motion and therefore difficult to see
The future, by examples from the past.

Tom Ricks Foreign Policy - Puzzlements: Why have so few soldiers and Marines deployed?
Over two thirds of our active duty Army and Marines have either never been or only been once to the war zone.

Small Wars Journal - Dirty Windows and Burning Houses
John Nagl and Brian Burton review the state of irregular warfare.

Kings of War - Regular warfare is increasingly irregular
The Hermit Kingdom goes 4GW.

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