Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Few Solid Gold Nuggets of Quality Reads

This week saw a few really good reads surface on the blogs. Top billing this week goes to Mark of Zenpundit who has two posts that really got my attention.

First, is about HCT or "High Conceptual Thinkers" that Mark describes as:
“High conceptual thinkers” - those with an insatiable intellectual curiosity, who see meta-level patterns and excel at constructing paradigms, extrapolation, synthesis and consilience are probably not a large percentage of the population and, most likely, they include eccentrics and cranks as well as highly accomplished individuals like E.O. Wilson, Buckminster Fuller, Freeman Dyson, Nikola Tesla, Richard Feynman and probably figures like Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Winston Churchill, Robert Hooke, Da Vinci and numerous others.
Reading this post is fuel to ignite ideas of how we harness these creative thinkers and let them cast their minds in horizontal fashion to keep America on the cutting edge of innovation.

Read more:
Cultivating “High Conceptual Thinkers”

Next is this also from Mark who takes up on a question poised by Steven Pressfield in one of his "Writing Wednesday" posts.

Mark echos Steve's trial balloon on the interest in creating an E-book. I was intrigued with this concept and will be writing a more detailed post on this subject in the coming week.

Read more:
What Would You Want in an E-book?

Next is this trio of posts from Steve DeAngelis of Enterra Solutions that shows innovation at work.

Back to the Future Fuels

turning Trash into Treasure

Innovative Student Designed Medical Devices

Finally in a nod to the world of secruity that provides the safety net to allow innovation to take place.

Thomas Ricks has this nauatical post that echos what naval centric blogs like Galrahn of Information Dissemination and US Naval Institute Blog have been writing about for months. Pay attention to the ship and it's ability to preform multiply missions. HDMS Absalon.
Read the post:
Piracy Watch: Absalon, Absalon!

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