Saturday, April 5, 2008

Silent Service to the Nation

Following the recent posts this week about the U.S. Military and the strategy of what will happen over the next four to eight years is an article in the April 6, 2008, New York Times by Jodi Kantor, McCain Is Vocal on War, but Silent on Son’s Service. The title of the article might give the impression that John MaCain is less than proud of his son's recent service as a Marine in Iraq. That would be the furthest from the truth.

McCain's son Jimmy, like his older brothers, Doug McCain, 48, who was a Navy pilot, and Jack, 21, due to graduate from the Naval Academy next year have all served their country, as did their father, grandfather, great-grandfather and McCain's going back to the nation's roots. The article points out that:

The McCains declined to be interviewed for this article, which the campaign requested not be published. “The McCain campaign objects strongly to this intrusion into the privacy of Senator McCain’s son,” Steve Schmidt, a campaign spokesman, said in a statement. “The children of presidential candidates in this election cycle should be afforded the same respect for their privacy that the children of President Bush and President and Senator Clinton have been afforded.” (To protect Lance Corporal McCain in case he is again deployed to a war zone, The New York Times is not publishing recent photographs of him and has withheld some details of his service).

The net result of the article is to illustrate that the McCain family puts their love for, and sense of duty to the country at the centerpiece of their lives. They have done it for generations, something that every American should aspire too. Regardless of the election, the nation has been and will continue to be served well by the McCains.

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