Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tom Barnett Says; it's the end of the line, for now

Every morning for the past half decade, the first thing I did after pouring myself a cup of coffee was to log in and click on Thomas Barnett's blog to read what he had collected and gined up into a concise review that both enlightened and entertained.

Well, from now on, I am going to have to lower my expectations, as Tom announced this morning that he was ending the blog. I was of course saddened to see Tom moving on to other endeavors, but confident that he will continue to produce the most spot-on provocative and optimistic view of the future that any living American has produced in the past twenty years.

Tom's former webmaster Sean Meade was insturmental in encouraging me to found  HG's World. For that I am eternally grateful to both Sean and Tom. I was graciously invited to lead an online reading group for Great Powers: America and The World after Bush in the months after it's release in 2009 and felt honored to briefly share the stage on Tom's blog.

Tom indicates that he will continue to write in venues that will pay him an income. Personally, I would gladly pay a subscription rate if he decided to found a newletter. As is, Tom will contine to write at World Politics Review and for Esquire. I am looking for Tom to surface soon in some greater capicity. His message is worth listening too and the next generation will need a blueprint and guide to navigate the shoals of fear and dispair.

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Sean said...

yeah, kind of a bombshell.

best wishes to you.