Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reports of the Death of a Blog have been greatly exaggerated!

Mark Twain penned a response to the New York Journal after they published an obituary reporting his death advising them that they had mistaken the death of his cousin for him. At our last post we reported that Thomas Barnett had announce that he was ending his blog after a long run. Since then Tom has decided to change the Blog's format and go for content instead of the daily broadcast of comment and response to MSM news stories.

In that vein, GLOBLOGIZATION as Tom had dubbed his site, will continue as a platform to report on the major stories and events that shape our future. True to form, Tom Barnett offers up this on the recent release of Bob Woodward's new book Obama's War. Here are a few of the key observations.
Reading through the excerpts, about the only people who come off as calculating and restrained are Clinton, Gates and Petraeus. Obama and his civilians, to including his retired generals, all come off as rather interpersonally nasty, quick to panic, quick to point fingers, etc.
...My take-away: if voters don't like or don't trust Obama on the domestic/economic side, then this book does a number on any perceived salvation to be found in his foreign policy....
...I see a lot of energy being directed toward this book by insiders eager to be viewed positively by history (although none will on this score), but I don't see any of that anguish leading to any innovation....
The bottom line; Tom ends on this note.
And it ain't working. Not at all.
And frankly, at some point, Clinton needs to start thinking about what's good for her country and not just this administration, because she's big enough to force the issue.
Time to stop being satisfied with "keeping all the balls in the air," Madame Secretary. Time to issue some ultimatums--as in, "Either we get bold on this or I get gone and make my own case to the American people."
Woman-up, Hillary. Because you will be judged severely for not doing more.
All I can say, is get yourselves over to read the whole piece by clicking on the link.
Woodward's latest makes the Rolling Stone piece look tame by comparison

In a related post, Small Wars Journal linked this next piece by Robert Haddick in his continuing series This Week at War, where he continues the along the same path as Tom Barnett, by looking at the impact that Obama's War may have on the conduct of the war.

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