Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Focus on Michael Yon

The New York Times featured an article on Michael Yon, a brave man who has dedicated the last three years bringing the unvarnished truth about soldiering in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael truly sees the war through the soldiers eyes. He recently spent time with our allies, the 4 Rifles battalion, of the British Army. His record of their bravery and skill is well worth reading.
There are five parts, number four above is a taste of their valor.
Part VI was just posted and tells the true story of the British repositioning at Basra. The anecdotal story of the current commander of the 4 Rifles and his relationship with Iraq is very rewarding.

Turning to Afghanistan our allies have been taking some hits for tactics and not stepping up the the plate with defense spending. Their bravery can be seen in the links posted below.

The Dutch:

The Canadians:

The Brits:

The Danes:

Our Guys:

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