Friday, April 11, 2008

French Couillies II

As a follow-up to the story, The French Des Couilles where it was being speculated that the French would take action against the Somali pirates who seized a French vessel and her crew of 30 last week. Not since the times of the painting above, has piracy been dealt with so quickly.

The French waited until the ransom was paid and the hostages freed to strike back. And reported in a post by Information Dissemination entitled, Vive La France: France Raids Somalian Pirate Camp. French Special Forces then raided the pirates, captured 6 and are returning them to France for trial.

The French Admiral said:

"It is the first time an act of piracy in this area has been resolved so quickly ... and it is also the first time that some of the pirates have been apprehended," Admiral Edouard Guillard told the news conference.
Viva La France!

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