Monday, April 21, 2008

Musings on War

Intrepid blogger abu mugqawama has a post that calls attention to the butcher's bill that one of our allies in Afghanistan has paid, No Chickenhawks in the Dutch DoD. He notes that the war has claimed the life of the Son of Dutch Defense Chief Killed - TIME. It made me think that we have only the two sons, of one person aspiring to be our President, serving their country in time of war, Silent Service to the Nation.

Much has been made by President Bush about "The Global War on Terror.:" He has asked America to spend the blood of it's best, and our treasury in a war that must be fought to defeat the greatest threat our country has faced since World War II.

I do not quibble with the war or it's goal, however mis-managed and led in the first four years. But I thought it would be wise to recall the role that presidential offspring played in that last great threat to our way of life.

The living sons and a grandson, of the two presidents Roosevelt, served in World War II. It would be helpful to remember their sacrifice.

President Theodore Roosevelt's sons.

Theodore Jr. A Brigadier General, Won the Medal of Honor leading troops ashore on D-Day and died on active duty in France.

Kermit, Served in the British Army before Pearl Harbor, then joined the US Army, died on duty in Alaska.

Archibald, Was the oldest battalion commander in the army, when wounded in New Guinea.

Quentin, Grandson, was Captain in US Army and present at D-Day.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's sons.

James, US Marine raider officer, Silver Star and Navy Cross for heroism.

Elliott, US Air Corps, decorated for taking controls of damaged B-24, after pilots wounded.

FDR Jr. US Navy, Silver Star and Purple Heart, Commander of USS Moore DE-442.

John A. US Navy officer on carrier USS Wasp.

Quite a list of distinguished men who served their country in time of peril.

I do not suggest that President Bush's daughters be compelled to serve in uniform. but one would think that they would have a higher profile serving our country in other capacities.

The war in Afghanistan has dragged almost two years longer than Iraq. I have written before about our allies and linked utube clips that demonstrated their prowess in battle.Focus on Michael Yon.

To date, forces from thirty seven counties are serving in alongside American units in Afghanistan, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Most countries contribution is small in comparison to the effort by the United States, but a report on Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in 2007 reveals the level of combat that is taking place in the remote passes and valleys of the mountains of Afghanistan.


Purpleslog said...

I think one of TR's sons died in WW1 as well.

historyguy99 said...

Thanks for the comment purbleslog..

Yes, TR's son Quentin was killed in action in WWI. Some say TR never got over it and died soon after.

It is interesting, of TR's sons three died in the service of the country, and the forth was disabled.