Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reads of the Week

Lt Col John Nagl, USA (ret)
Col. Gian Gentile, USA

Project Valor IT

Thomas PM Barnett

Niall Ferguson

The blogs this week was rich with several outstanding stories. There were so many that I decided to post links to some of the most interesting.

Small Wars Journal gets top billing for this exchange between two of the most eloquent pens to come out of the United State Army in generations. JFQ - Point - Counterpoint - SWJ Early Exclusive »

Equal top billing goes to Galrahn, of Information Dissemination for his support for this important cause. Supporting Valour-IT Day 5. This is an important effort and well worth supporting.

For those who appreciate Galrahn's insightful work in observing naval affairs, here is a heads up on an adventure he is undertaking.The Navy Wants You To See USS Freedom

Out across the Pacific, we hear from Shawn of Asia Logistics wrap who writes this about his, Expectations of an Obama Administration on Supply Chain.

He begins:

Unless an Obama administration plans to turn U.S. manufacturers into state-owned enterprises, its main impact will be via the regulations and legislation it plans to advocate and put into place. I'd like to frame my expectations in terms of the supply chain architectures that shape many of my analytical posts on supply chain management. For each architecture, I will discuss both my hopes and key concerns:

And this little post tying together two of my favorite observers of history and strategy, Thomas Barnett and Niall Ferguson. Tom's post Non-chimera Chimerica.
Now just to get these two on the same stage, with Martin Wolf. That would be the roundtable discussion of the century.

And rounding our this weeks recaps, this from Fabius Maximus.

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