Sunday, February 8, 2009

Announcing! The Great Powers Junto Club Reading Group

Here is an important announcement just posted over on Thomas Barnetts web site about an upcoming series that I have been invited to host.

Beginning a week from tomorrow, Monday, February 16th, I will be hosting a reading group to read and discuss Great Powers: America and the World After Bush.

We will be covering one chapter a week and discussing the content and ideas contained within each chapter. All are invited to read along and join in the discussion with your questions and comment. My role will be that of a facilitator to encourage participation and stimulate discussion.

In this endeavor, I like to think that we will be following the great tradition of the Junto Society that Benjamin Franklin founded in 1727 to discuss the important issues and books of the day. We may not found any libraries, fire departments or hospitals, but hopefully we will enlighten ourselves by sharing our thoughts and learning from each other.

Next week we will begin with the Preface and chapter one. The Seven Deadly Sins of Bush-Cheney.

Read the post.

So if you are interested, and haven't ordered, here is a link. to buy Great Powers. Get it, read it, polish off your keyboards and join us next week for a free and informative discussion about this important new book.

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Shawn in Melbourne said...

Hi Tom,

I think this is a great idea. I am hoping to get the book here in Australia, but no luck yet. Trying to avoid ordering and shipping from the States. I may have to give in at some point...

All the best,