Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Reads

Brooklyn Navy Yard Cemetery

Admirals Row Brooklyn Navy Yard

Genographic journey

Leading off is this from 1776 online history magazine a site that offers book reviews and articles about American history. This post links a video about the old Brooklyn Navy Yard and is worth a look.
The Decay of Brooklyn Navy Yard

Next is this from Zenpundit. When I spied this post Forensic Paleo-Anthropology and the Last Man, I was reminded of my recent quest to trace my genographic history back to the beginning, HG's Long Journey into His Past.

Fabius Maximus offering a provocative post that has more that a measure of truth ringing like a fire bell in the night. One of America’s few wise men tells us about Mexico.

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David Sutton said...

HG - My fiancĂ©e’s eldest brothers lived in Brooklyn for a few years just next to Navy Yards, last time I was in MYC we took a brief walking tour around the site – its amazing, what got me was the real estate values of that area.

But I have to say there is something beautiful about the site even in its current state.