Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zenpundit asks! The End of Mexico? or The End of U.S. Sovereignty?

This morning I was going to put up a reads of the week post. But when I cruised by Mark Zafranski's blog, I was stopped in my tracks when I read his latest. The bigger question looms, how will this impact the sovereignty of the United States to secure our borders and ensure tranquility?

Mark began by quoting this from Fox News.
….Last week, at least 30 Mexicans from the town of El Porvenir walked to the border crossing post at Fort Hancock, Texas, and asked for political asylum. Ordinarily, their claim would be denied as groundless, and they would be turned back. Instead, they were taken to El Paso, where they expect to have their cases heard.
No one doubts that they have a strong claim. Their town on the Mexican side of the border is under siege by one or more drug cartels battling for control of the key border crossing. According to Mike Doyle, the chief deputy sheriff of Hudspeth County, Texas, one of the cartels has ordered all residents of the town of 10,000 to abandon the city within the next month.
Mark's own comments follow.
I saw this coming. I’m sure that so has anyone else studying insurgency or military history who stopped to give the matter five minutes of serious thought. There’s nothing magical about geographic proximity to the United States that would prevent this tactic, if applied widely and backed by lethal examples, from working. What has been done in the villages of Bosnia or Dar Fur can be done in towns of northern Mexico.
Read the whole piece.
The End of Mexico?

You will note after you read the link embedded above that this blog concurred and wrote on the same issue twice last year and the year before.

Mark's concerns are reflected in the citizens of Fort Hancock, Texas who probably feel they are channeling the lives of the people of Columbus, New Mexico who almost 100 years ago felt the sting of living next to the failed state of Mexico.
Fort Hancock, Texas -- Residents of this tiny Texas town say they're living in fear that Mexican drug cartel violence could spill over into the United States at any moment.
Locals here say they've seen a recent increase in illegal immigrants simply walking across the border and disappearing into the town, which lies just four miles from El Porvenir, Mexico, and 50 miles southeast of Ciudad Juarez, where 2,300 people were killed last year alone.
When I read each day that the cancer of lawlessness gains control like a reverse "Oil Spot Strategy" right on our southern border; and then read about this and this from the President of a country where we are spending our most precious resource to secure.

It becomes very hard to justify continuing to stay the course in Central Asia when it appears the tiger has creeped up to our open back door and threatens to come inside.

UPDATE: Chicago Boyz readers join the discussion, 56 and counting

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