Sunday, May 6, 2012

The First Saturday in May: A milestone marked.

Joseph Benjamin Wade
"with honors"

Four years ago this month, I wrote a blog post acknowledging a few people whom the month of May marked the passage from being a student preparing to assume their place at the starting gate of contribution to not only their lives, but to the greater human family where our actions both positive and negative can create a ripple that can sweep across the globe. One of  those I wrote about then, was my son, who made his parents, and his family proud beyond words this first Saturday in May, when he completed the first stage of his self chosen path to higher education, and graduated magna cum laude from Loyola Marymount University.

The past four years has seen him not only study hard to maintain his GPA, but provided him the opportunity to study abroad, where he spent a semester studying in Bonn, Germany. His senior year, saw him invited to be part of a special honors class in political science, where his thesis, addressed the role social media might play in changing the future of Iranian politics. More on that subject in a later post.

The next goal he has set for himself is one of the top law schools in the US, and with his GPA secure, is looking to spend the next few months studying for his LSAT's and working to increase his treasury, and hopefully, gain some experience in his chosen field. I being the dotting dad, have encouraged him to specialize in either international, or maritime law where he can channel his strengths of being bi-lingual and experienced in traveling to such diverse places as Iran, Dubai, and almost every country in Europe as well as having a passion for history passed down from dad, and an acumen for negotiation, common to his maternal side.

True to form when getting a university education today; my son is liberal as is most of his cohorts, who incidentally spring from families that are varying degrees, to the right of their children. My son is no different, but astutely admits that when he is making more money and paying high taxes, would find himself standing politically right of center. I must admit that his observation fits the often observed way people mature in a society that promises an equal opportunity to succeed, versus a guaranteed future of equal station where everyone shares the same cookie cutter existence.

Anyway, I would hope all will forgive the the self-serving post of a proud "Baba" who now finds his youngest child has joined the ranks of adulthood, and now politely considers my advice, but has the moxie to make me pause and consider his position on many subjects both political and strategic.

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