Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Books, books, and more books

My fellow blogger's Mark at Zenpundit and Brad of Potbangers have posted links or brief reviews of the reading list that Tom Barnett has been working through in preparation for his forthcoming book. Tom's webmaster, Sean Meade also posted a link compiling the most recent posts by Tom on his reading list.

With a double hat tip to these fine gentlemen, I have listed links to their posts in order to spread the word and encourage all to make the time and read a few of these important books as a way to enlighten and stimulate your mind.

The list is ambitious undertaking for anyone interested in understanding the world we live in. In that vein, I would recommend picking out books that interest you or challenge your views in order to expand your horizons.

As a person who is immersed in the study of history, I have found that the broader my reading the more that I can understand how history impacts the future. To borrow a phrase written by Steve DeAngelis, that it is more important to be; "Looking toward the future, than watching the wake," history most useful tool is to help remember where the shoals lie and how to identify them.

The above referenced booklists serve as guideposts that can only enhance your knowledge of the world.

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Brad B. said...

Thanks for the link! Your blog is coming along very nicely! Isn't the Live Tracking map pretty darn cool?