Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tom Barnett's "Fireside Chat" with the American People

Tom Barnett sits down in his column this week to have a short "fireside chat" with the American people. He writes things that a good leader should have the courage to say.

He begins: These are better days, just not for America right now

Americans feel down right now. Unhappy with our current leaders, we've not yet fallen in love with any prospective presidential candidates. The world seems more challenging than ever, with plenty of scary news out of the Islamic world hitting us amidst record oil prices. Most humbling, as our economy teeters on the edge of its first serious recession in decades, our rescuing "cavalry" turns out to be foreign wealth funds!

Wish we could get back to where we once belonged?

Read on at: KnoxNews.

Tom writes of 13 areas where we can make a silk purse out of a sow's hide.

One of them speaks to violence in the World.

Speaking of guns, let me also remind you that our planet has never been more peaceful: fewer wars, less civil strife and the smallest-ever percentage of humanity engaged in or preparing for mass violence. Washington may wage global war, but nobody else is.

To lend support to this observation is an article by Harvard Professor, Steven Pinker,Steven Pinker on Wikipedia where he addresses the declining trends in violence.: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE

The other points contained in Barnett's column ring true. It's a message that any candidate truly interested in leading the American people should learn to articluate.

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