Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother Nature is a Bitch!

The news of two devastating natural disasters within the past two weeks, remind us that Mother Nature is not always the nurturing wet nurse, we were taught about in prose.

The great Sichuan earthquake: What we know so far (and a second earthquake this morning)

Warning! Graphic scenes!
Slide show: Digging Through the Disaster. and Rescue Efforts Continue After Deadly Quake
In fact! as Howard Bloom writes about Mother Nature, "She's a bloody bitch!" In two posts Bloom strips away the covering and reveals that nature's "curve balls" are what stimulates innovation and change. The links are well worth the time to read. Screw 'Sustainability' - And I Am Here To Tell You Why and Screw 'Sustainability' - And Cheer Up About It.

Disasters like cyclones and earthquakes serve to remind us that humans are at their best when responding to those challenges. Steve DeAngelis has a post this week that notes those traits don't need a catastrophic event to trigger the desire to reach out to help those in need. The Psychology of Philanthropy. Building on an article by Shankar Vedantam entitled, ["Where the Conscience Meets the Checkbook,"

DeAngelis adds his own wise words:

I agree with Vedantam. Whether you decide to contribute to the rebuilding efforts in Myanmar, China, or Georgia, or decide to make small loans through a group like Kiva, or decide to help a church group or other established charity that helps others in need, the decision to help is the most important first step you can take.

And turning back to their roots as a force that traditionally has been the nation's fire brigade that responded to the aid of fellow nations is the United States Navy. Poised to offer a response similar to that offered after the 2004 Tsunami, is the7th Fleet Focus: Ghost of Macarthur Lands in Myanmar. The first man off the plane was Admiral Timothy Keating, Chief of US Pacific Command, who met with the Junta leaders in a mirror of the days when the Navy took the lead, in contact with regimes outside of normal diplomatic relations.

Meanwhile in China, More troops rush in to help China quake rescue their military musters every branch, even sending in paratroops to drop into areas cut off by road. News Analysis: A Rescue in China, Uncensored

Great battles will resonate in the history books, but the the personal rewards gained by saving a life will resonate in the heart of the giver until his last breath.

Please consider a donation to the which can be earthquake relief fund established by CaringforChina.org, made over the web or mailed in to the address provided.

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