Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Meme of Seven

Vicksburg-Sgt John F. Campbell 1842-1863, KIA

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Here are the facts:

1. I road in the 7th memorial cavalry, and was in the 1976 centennial of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

2. People say, I have an uncanny ability to find my way around unfamiliar places. Two weeks ago I was on vacation in Europe, My brother-in-law had taken us to Vienna. Living in Munich for 20 years, he thought he knew Vienna. He got lost, and wander around for an hour. My wife asked me to intervene, with in a few minutes, I figured out the street plan and we were on our way. Ditto, for trips to Prague, and Venice. he'd get lost, I would find the way....ride back on autobahn was always fast and silent.;o)

3. I regret not learning to speak more Chinese, Farsi, and Vietnamese; knowledge that could have helped in love and war.

4. I've traveled on every continent except Antarctica.

5. My nickname in the Army was "Hawkeye" after spotting fishing line used as a tripwire on a booby trap.

6. Unquenchable taste for craft ales, and good single malt Islay scotch, where the bouquet of salt air and peat combine to transport you to the coast of Scotland. Note I said taste, not thirst.

7. I never loose the feeling of awe when in the presence of primary historical evidence. To view and touch something from a historical event, gives me a feeling of clairvoyant mind travel back to the event. Castles, battle sites, documents, old cities, all transmit the same feeling.

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