Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally! Someone Sees the Forest Behind the Trees

The Russia-Georgia War has left the last two weeks battered with shock waves that far exceed the intensity of the actual conflict. This blog like many others reacted to the intial reports of bombing civilian targets, that soon proved to be true of both sides. Then, the politico's began to posture and make martial poses. The airways and especially the blogs have buzzed with tremors of a return to history and in the days of global warming, threaten a geo-political cold snap.

Finally the last two days have produced comments that come at a time when too many people are rocking the boat. The posts linked below sound out like a cool head in a life boat standing up and getting everyone to sit down and shut up until the storm passes. In keeping with this nautical analogy I turn to a post today by navy centric blogger, Galhran at Information Dissemination who writes a splendid summary.

In part:

Mark Safranski, also known as Zenpundit, has an article out on Pajamas Media regarding the Russian - Georgian conflict called Lets Not Rush Into Cold War II. Mark nails every point perfectly, scores on every possession, and generally educates at a level even the politicos should be able to understand.

While Mark got my blood pumping, the adrenaline gave me a natural buzz when I followed up Mark's piece with Thomas Barnett's 3000 word passion statement. When I use the F bomb, it means I'm having an emotional moment and care about a topic, and that is generally how I see it when the bombs drop on other blogs. Quoting any part of the 3000 words to summarize the whole is futile, so go read it and come back.

You got to love this guy, he has a way with words that concisely summarizes what Mark and Tom have written.

If Mark is the liberal, and Tom is the neocon, I must be the globalization Nazi. So be it, in my realist world, world peace requires tough men with guns defending a global economic system where all regional powers are stakeholders, and in my academic world, economic prosperity requires measured cooperation as part of the competition of major powers.

Anything I add will diminish the words of these fine gentlemen, so take the time to read each link as if you are listening to a conversation of learned men.

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