Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tdaxp Reports Fellow Blogger is On Fire!

Thomas Barnett's keyboard

Thomas P. M Barnett

The essential and astute observer Dan of gets a major hat tip for calling attention to how much attention Thomas Barnett is paying to the events in Iran. Barnett recently returned from Shanghai, where he spent a week meeting with China's top foreign affairs academics.

Dan's post list the 19 posts Barnett has written about Iran since June 24. This represents over 40% of the total posts during this time. If the reader goes back the previous week more insightful posts appear shadowing this developing story. Dan points out that Twitter was given a lot of credit for exposing what was going on, but true analysis can not be done in 140 characters.

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Tom Barnett continued his analysis today with this post. Neither 'Islamic' nor a 'republic'

I might add that Barnett has an uncanny ability to not only write excellent thought provoking columns about Iran, but can add commentary to news reports that many times carry more insight than the original piece.

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