Saturday, March 19, 2011

Col Gaddafi channels Mr. Moto's wrestling moves.

"Please world, I am calling a cease fire"

As the world watches, the United Nations approved intervention to stop Col. Qaddafi from further attacks on his own citizens, first resulted in an announcement of a cease-fire by Qaddafi's forces. Then as soon as the world stepped back and our president clarified our position of being a non-position of leadership before flying off to Brazil, Qaddafi attacked again. The old feint of when confronted with force, Qaddafi raises his hands and pleads for mercy that he will mend his ways, then as soon as the world turns it's collective back, he strikes again.

Freddie Blassie

Mr. Moto

This has a familiar ring going back to my youth. The staple of Saturday night television in Los Angeles in the 1950's and 60's was watching wrestling matches broadcast live and called by Dick Lane inventor of the phrase "Whoa, Nellie!"  Two main characters stand out during those times that remind me of Col Qaddafi and the way he is trying to play for time against the forces arrayed against him. Most memorable of these characters was Freddie Blassie who built a reputation for fighting evil Anti-American wrestlers. One of these characters, Mr Moto had a trademark move of cowering and begging for time and mercy whenever confronted by an aggressive opponent. Take a moment and watch this video and see if Mr. Moto's moves aren't similar to Col Qaddafi's moves to avoid punishment. Yesterday, after calling a cease fire, and as soon as the world paused, his forces reached out to silence voices like Muhammad Nabbous and continue their attacks  on Benghazi.

Scratch one Libyan jet

It looks like the French after getting tricked into waiting until today to launch a response have finally moved to protect  the rebels and the people of Benghazi. In the words of Freddie Blassie, the world needs to grab Col Quaddafi' and ring him like the "pencil neck geek." he is.

US Forces prepare to engage

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