Thursday, March 17, 2011

Col Qaddafi, Ready or Not Here We Come!

Oh Shit!

Ready or Not! here we come!

RAF-headed south

Armée de l'Air (ALA) Viva la France

Qatar Air Force

The stunning news that the United Nations Security Council went beyond the original request for a No-Fly Zone in Libya and approved airstrikes to halt attacks that might result in civilian deaths. This comes on the heals of Qaddafi telling the people of Benghazi that his troops were attacking tonight and would show no mercy. What makes this so stunning is that this is one of the very rarest times that the council actually acted against a tyrant. Al jazeera has live coveage with the reaction in Benghazi.

It was announced to expect air strikes to begin over the next several hours as US, British, French, UAE, and Qatar air forces were on alert to begin flying missions. I would expect other Arab League member's to join in this coalition that reflects a mini version of Desert Storm of two decades ago. With an array of naval forces off the Libyan coast, it it possible to see an air-sea strike on Qaddafi forces according to Global Intelligence Center .
Another sign of President Obama’s strong inclination to undertake military action beyond a no-fly zone came from the deployment Monday, March 14 of the nuclear attack submarine USS Providence off the Libyan coast.
In the past decade, this submarine has often been called in to support US missile attacks, usually with Tomahawk, whether in 2003 in Iraq or in Afghanistan.
The US fleet present off the Libyan coast includes also the marine assault ship USS Kearsarge, which is a helicopter carrier; the Marine Amphibious Transport Docks vessel and the missile destroyers USS Barry, USS Ponce and USS Mason.
Another sign of things are in the wind is that no update on the location of the carriers was made on the navy website. Perhaps to mask the movement of USS Enterprise.

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